We are VMWare Partner since 2006, and have virtualized many "critical" customers ( Etablissements Français du Sang, ADUAM,  ...)

Why to virtualize?

>> Because it is the perfect  solution for a very fast restart of your applications after disaster,

Because your  applications run without worrying about the type of physical server,

>> Because a virtual machine  is easy to  backup,  and easy to  restore.

Server virtualization allows you to run multiple operating systems on the same physical server in the form of virtual machines, where each one can access the computing resources of the underlying server.

Server virtualisation also accelerates the deployment of workloads, boosts application performances and maximizes availability.


Software-Defined Storage

With the generalisation of large volumes of data and real-time applications, storage requirements are rising to unprecedented levels.
Storage virtualization isolates disk drives and Flash drives installed on your servers and combines them into large, high-performance storage pools. 

New storage approach offering a much more efficient operational mode. Software-defined storage is the solution.

        We are experts in virtualizing your servers to provide you with maximum flexibility and security.