Protect your investments

Intrusions, cryptolocker, ransomware, spam, piracy ...
Are you safe?

Is your staff well informed about basic threats and precautions?

AITEC has trained Certified Security Specialists to audit your IT, and to offer you the appropriate protection solutions.

Network and Internet Security

Our company ensures constant technology watch to guarantee our customers optimal protection of their information systems.
Our team of experts ensures the installation and configuration of core network equipment such as firewalls that analyze and filter external flows and can detect any external intrusions.
The intrusions can also be internal, for example from an infected USB key, a telephone or a computer, or even an unintentional user.
We also set up network probes to monitor internal company network traffic and antivirus to protect each node of the customer's information system.
These secure technologies and the security strategies we implement enable us to protect you from the many threats and attacks that companies can incur (  Ransomwares , CryptoLockers... ).


Disaster Recovery

A very important aspect of computer security is the backup of the information system.

We use all our savoir-faire to ensure the integrity of our customers' data, with secure backup systems for their sensitive data.

At any time we are able to restore or research data at intervals of several days with backup retention systems.

Our strong point is the complete backup of information systems.
Our engineers implement and deploy proven Disaster Recovery Plan DRP systems, dramatically reducing the company's inactivity time in case of crash or incident.
This allows a very fast recovery of the activity.

Our DRP are mainly based on the technologies VMware with which we are partner for several years.



supervision of your hardware allows you to monitor, in real time, 24/7, the environment constants of your computer room, and the hardware and system health of your servers and active equipment.
Temperature, humidity, intrusion, dry contacts, servers' datas: disk space, memory usage, CPU load, and many other constants are analyzed and monitored in real time.

Nagios, HP OpenView, SunMC are among the supervisory solutions we master. We also develop specific add-ons for specific hardware (disk arrays, active network elements, for example).

We install supervision agents on the systems to be monitored . A sharp parameterization of the alarm thresholds, events and trigger actions is then performed.
A monitoring console collects alerts and performs associated actions, which can be an email or SMS sending, or other action.

Our engineers and technicians are at your disposal to analyze your needs and propose you the best solution.