An audit of your infrastructure
allows you to check the health of your IT ,
detect security breaches,
prevent environmental problems.

Bertrand BABOT, AITEC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Bertrand SEGUY,  AITEC  

Audit your IT

Auditing your IT is necessary to ensure the solidity of your management system, and communication tools, and to:

- Check that your network is not restricted by bottlenecks and dysfunctions in the local network and the access to the internet.

- Evaluate the level of security information of your staff in the
prevention of risks related to viruses,intrusions, loss of datas.

- Check the level of confidentiality of your data, the securing access to your information.

- Analyze your backup processes.

- Provide advices and recommendations.


This is our job for over 20 years.




Expertise your tools


 We are experts to check the quality of your network with analyzers and probes, to provide you with a detailed report of the performances of your system and recommendations, to optimize the storage of your databases, to propose adapted and evolutionary solutions.

Setting up a customized EDM (Electronic Document Management), electronic archiving of your documents, optimizing your system and network resources to be more efficient and avoiding bottlenecks in your IT architecture is part of the AITEC expertise.